South Jordan Chiropractic Services the Best Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic services aim to provide relief to a wide range of bodily pain and trauma which may result from minor or fatal accidents as well as to ensure a total well-being of an individual. Some of the problems chiropractic targets to correct includes:

  • Ankle or wrist sprain
  • Lower back and neck pain
  • Spine disorder
  • Pelvic and knee inflammation


Chiropractic being the largest alternative form of medical profession involves diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of the musculoskeletal or locomotor system. The musculoskeletal system is the system that provides support for the body and is made up of bones, cartilages, tendon, ligaments and joints.

Care should be taken as not to confuse chiropractic with orthopedic. Orthopedic deals with fractured bones and dislocation whereas chiropractic focuses on inflammations of connective tissues and ensuring the bones are in their right positions.

The inception of chiropractic services is dated back to 1895 and Daniel David Palmer is credited as the initiator of the practice. In recent times, however, the application has evolved tremendously from being a locomotor treatment to one that is geared towards general wellness of the body.

Chiropractic has two main groups namely; straights and mixers. While the former believes that all illnesses erupt from the wrong positioning of the vertebra (hence the rejection of any other form of medication), the latter is more open to conventional medical practices such as massage, exercise etc.

This form of alternative medicine has been widely accepted and well developed in countries like United States, Canada, and Australia. The number of chiropractic service providers are increasing in various parts of United States.

For example, chiropractor salt lake city has recorded successes in handling patients of an accident. Locating a chiropractor in or around Jordan is not difficult, many of them can be found by a random search on search engine.

Chiropractor Sandy Utah is renowned for combating lower back pain and sprain ankles.

Techniques used by chiropractor

 1) Exercise: to combat back pain, chiropractors often design exercises that would stretch the muscles of the back such as jogging and half sit-ups.

 2) Bandage: sprained ankles and wrists are bandaged to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. The bandage should not be too tight because it will cause severe pain.

 3) Ice: ice therapy is very common as can be seen in football matches. The pelvic or lower back is pressed with an ice bag. The ice lowers inflammation in the area thereby lessening the pain and facilitating healing.

 4) Massage: many people embrace massage as a way to facilitate healing without knowing it is a chiropractic. Massaging improves blood circulation in the area resulting to improved oxygen supply and healing.

There are very many other improved forms of chiropractic (not mentioned above) that have enjoyed usage in medical environments that render chiropractic services. With the advancement in technology, a time may come when chiropractic services will enjoy better patronage than conventional medicine.