Older Adults Guide for Dental Check-ups, on Visiting a New Dentist in Provo

Dental check-ups and daily cleaning help in maintaining a healthy mouth. A person getting older may consider changing dentists or may believe visiting dentists is complicated.

An older adult has all the right to visit a new dentist Provo, but a few things should be taken:

  • Check-up reports of the neck, head, mouth, and teeth
  • Review of present and past medical issues
  • Teeth X-rays

What to bring?

  • Physical examination records should be brought that you got from your physician.
  • Medications in a printed or written list form that you are taking currently. It can include over-the-counter medications and prescription, in association with nutrition supplements or vitamins. The list should include the condition and the prescriber, or you may choose to bring medications for easy reference.
  • The dental office may issue a medical history form and before the appointment of the dentist in Provo UT, the form should be completed. It should have the details of past surgeries, medical issues, medications, hospitalizations, drug allergies, and so on. Even if a form is not given to fill, you have to part with this information during your first appointment with the dentist.
  • Give phone numbers and names of your family members who take your healthcare decisions.

How does an older adult need to go prepared?

It is best to schedule an appointment that works best so that the visit is less stressful. It is best to arrive early by 15 minutes to the appointment. 

Caregivers of older adults should give accurate medical information; in case the older adult has issues regarding memory.

In case the older adult is in a wheelchair, check with the dentist in Provo or with the dentist office if wheelchair accessibility is available. Besides, ensure you will receive assistance in transferring the older adult from a wheelchair to the dental chair.