The Benefits of Testosterone Hormone Therapy Salt Lake City

chiropractor salt lake cityThe hormone called testosterone is only one of many different hormones that can be used to treat many ailments associated with the aging process. Specifically, a bioidentical hormones Utah version of testosterone can be synthesized by highly trained medical professionals based on the unique body chemistry of the person being treated. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid and a type of hormone produced by all humans (under normal healthy circumstances). Testosterone is the male sexual hormone and specifically in males testosterone is created for the most part in the testicles. In human females testosterone is created in smaller amounts in the ovaries. The hormone is also created in smaller amounts relative to the testicles and the ovaries in the adrenal glands.

In the human male the hormone known as testosterone seems to perform a pivotal function in the process by which the male reproductive organs grow and develop along their normal, healthy trajectory. These organs include but are not completely limited to the testis and the prostate. Testosterone also plays a fundamental role in the growth and promotion of increased muscle mass and bone mass as well as the production of hair in all the various areas of the body where hair grows. Moreover, the male sexual hormone and steroid testosterone also seems to be correlated to a balanced and healthy psychology and even serves to prevent the degenerative bone disease called osteoporosis.

It has been reported that the average adult male possesses testosterone levels that exceed the average adult female testosterone levels by as much as seven to eight times. When taken into account the fact that the male body metabolizes testosterone more rapidly than females metabolize testosterone it makes sense that males actually produce twenty times more testosterone than females on a daily basis. Medical professionals have also noticed that females tend to be more sensitive to testosterone than males are. This sensitivity obviously plays an important role in the way testosterone therapy is administered by medical professionals to males and females. All this is to say that the administration of hormones to treat conditions is a very nuanced and complicated proposition.

As mentioned earlier, hormone therapy Salt Lake City has been used to treat many conditions associated with the aging process in human beings. These conditions include but are not limited to increased belly fat, loss of muscle mass, loss of bone mass, a feeling of lethargy, a decrease in sexual drive and male pattern baldness. In many cases it has been reported that the administration of testosterone by a qualified medical professional can serve to mitigate or reverse the symptoms associated with these conditions. Most people accept these symptoms as a natural part of aging which in fact they are. However, there is no shame in using a therapy that eases these symptoms if one exists. Fortunately, not only does such a therapy exist but there are highly trained medical professional trained in the administration of such a therapy. These medical professionals are located right here in the city of Salt Lake City in the state of Utah.